Sunday, May 11, 2014

{Mothers Day 2014} Taking the crew to the Zoo!

For Mother's Day with Brandon's family, we met at the zoo for an afternoon of fun! 

Grammy and her kiddos! 

Me with mine...

Aunt Heather with her crew...

Daddy's doing what Daddy's do!

Cousin Breah is an all around hit with the trio...ESPECIALLY Greer...

Selfies with Sophie...

Just a fun chance to catch them on their own...

Mommy & Daddy getting a rare selfie...

Cousin Deacon is just the cutest. He'll flash that million dollar smile with ease...

A rare father son photo...

Caught Cousin Colton sitting still...

Our whole gang...

It was a great afternoon! Grammy brought bags of quarters for all the kids. They could earn their quarters with their good choices throughout the day but they could lose them with bad choices. It was very motivating to the kids to make good choices! Love our family time. 


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