Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meet the Teacher 2014- The year of Double the Fun in PreK

It's that time again! Back to school for the kidlets. Greer's school is year around so he is already in school (and a GREAT one at that!) He attends a few days a week and then does therapy the other mornings.

We were MORE than thrilled with our experience with the school Harrison attended last year for PreK. We went into it thinking we would just try it out and now we have fallen in love with a place that nurtures children in so many ways. Their focus is on spiritual growth as a part of their academic growth and they do it so well. We knew it was likely Harrison would spend two years in PreK. He is starting again TOMORROW in the older PreK class. We are so excited for him as last year was an INCREDIBLE year of growth for our boy and we know that this year will be no different! Not only is Harrison attending, so is the Sophster! Girlfriend can HARDLY contain her excitement. and the two of them going together, they are just beside themselves. Today, after an 8am therapy appointment for Greer,  Mama's 9:30 Crossfit class, and a stop for the kids to pick out flowers for their teachers, we headed to meet our teachers for the year. 

I wish I could say it was a magical experience, but sometimes, ya have to be honest. Greer was having a moment. He is the most easy going kid 90% of the time. This morning was a part of the 10%, so we made it happen, but we were pretty much a hot mess doing so. 

Since Greer was having his moment, we thought we would stop in Sophie's class first. She has Mrs.W. The same teacher that Harrison had last year and she is THRILLED!!! With all of the room mom duties I did with Sophie as my helper, she had grown to love Mrs.W so being in her class this year is just an extra special treat. Sophie was so patient as she waited for her turn to attend PreK. I am just as excited for her to be having all of her PreK dreams come true. Sophie picked out PINK flowers for Mrs.W.

all smiles and giggles and pure joy as we spent some time in her new classroom

We had to take a break in between meeting teachers to let Greer calm down...

It was intense y'all. Greer refusing to sit in his chair, wheelchair falling over because it was too heavy from the supply bag hanging off the back when he wasn't in it, Greer bawling etc. and there was no hiding it. People everywhere. Motherhood, keeping me humble since 2009. Then, my other two decided it was time to go potty...like, potty potty. At this point, I stopped to look for the hidden camera. Pretty sure that sometimes, I am a reality star for a new show, "Untold Stories of REAL Motherhood!" I finally got Greer to the point where he was a little content with me holding him. So, we went to meet Harrison's teacher before time was up. 

Harrison has Mrs.F. She moved over from teaching kindergarten last year (isn't that just awesome...preparing our boy for what's next). She is teaching the older PreK. We have heard only wonderful things about her and are just so excited to spend the year with her. 

We talked with Mrs.F for a bit, Harrison found his seat, sorted out all of his supplies to where they go, met a few new friends, visited with some old friends, and then we were off! 

We got their tote bags for the year and Harrison and Sophie skipped out of the building holding hands chanting, "PreK!" 

Stay tuned for tomorrows post of their first day of school! We are a little excited. Last year, I was anxious and a little sad, but this year, I know what a truly wonderful wonderful place I am taking my kids to each day (just half days) and I am excited to see them learn and grow. I am sure I'll be there as much as I was last year if not more.

{I have gone back and updated posts as far back as last Fall. I have a few more between March and now. I am excited about catching back up with keeping our family memories. Time is flying and I love to keep all of those special moments in one place}