Saturday, December 14, 2013

Harrison Turns 5!!

Our sweet, vivacious, fun-loving, lover of life and all things in it little guy had the BIG milestone! He turned 5. Harrison had opinions about what he wanted this birthday to look like as far as the celebration went. He had his mind made up long before the day came. The requests were a unique combination but fun and all his idea! It's big for this Mama to give up that control over celebration planning. I love a good celebration. But, I did. and it was worth it to have him so thrilled to have his birthday play out just like he wanted it to. 
We always do our cinnamon roll with sprinkle birthday breakfast. And he got to do this on our special plate. 

He wanted to go see Frozen. Who knew the movie was going to be as huge as it's been. So, he picked a good way to ring in his milestone birthday. It will be memorable. 

We took up a good two rows! 

Next, he wanted to go to the "Crab and Lobster Place" So, we went! 

he wanted a Spiderman cake....

and lastly, a Santa Clause train! 

We also had fun with his birthday at school. We brought a Peppermint Blizzard ice cream cake and Hot Cocoa with marshmallows! 

It was fun to be able to do something different like that for his December birthday. 

The kiddos were fans :) 

Oh and I forgot to add this photo up top. His beloved teacher surprised him at the movies! She even brought him some Legos. Her presence was all he needed. He thinks she hung the moon. 

To our sweet sweet boy, 
5 years ago, you came into this world super early. You weighed in at an itty bitty 2lbs and were 12 weeks early. Your Taiwanese middle name means STRONG ....and boy ARE.YOU.THAT! You spent your first 4 months in the hospital fighting to gain the health needed to leave. One day close to the end of your stay, someone walked into that hospital and took a picture of your swaddled up bald headed self. 

As they did, you smirked at the camera. That photo made it's way all the way around the world to your soon to be Mama's email inbox. Upon opening that photo attachment, I didn't need to see a medical file, hear a doctors opinion, figure out how we were going to complete an adoption much faster than we were anticipating, question the fact that you were a boy (we thought we were adopting a daughter first) or even talk to your soon to be daddy (although that was a good next step). I became a Mama in that instant. You were ours and I knew it. You have come so very far from those first days that you were in that NICU. You have always embraced life and whatever is next. We scooped you up out of that baby home at 11 months old and promised to love you forever and forward 4 years later and here we are wondering where the time has gone. 
The fun thing about this year is I've begun to share you more. You attend PreK (and boy are your thriving there!) and many others get to experience your contagious JOY for life. Your teacher told us at the first conference that her very favorite thing about you is that if she told the class y'all would be watching paint dry that day, you'd jump for joy and ask to be line leader to the place you were doing it at. You've got spunk, joy untouchable, and the energy to fuel those things! Instead of being sad about how fast you're growing we are thrilled to have a front row seat and trying daily to be diligent about helping you become who God created you to be! Let's rock this 5th year buddy boy!!
For I know the plans I have for Harrison declares the Lord, plans to prosper Harrison and not to harm Harrison, to give Harrison a HOPE & a FUTURE! ~Jeremiah 29:11
With all the LOVE that I can muster,

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