Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Christmas 2013

We love some family traditions!! 

We enjoy our family time around Christmas and try to maximize it! It is a blessing that Brandon's new company gives everyone a week off at Christmas. 

Due to Harrison's awesome birthday request, the Santa train is a new part of our traditions.

Since I got a Kitchen aid mixer for Christmas (maybe just in time to make Santa's cookies) we took our cookie making to the next level. Bless Greer, he was already worn out and in bed. 

They could have done this all night long. 

Santa was so happy about these cookies. We know because he didn't leave a one on the plate! 

Christmas morning was so fun of course! 

There were bikes all around for the trio! 

and shoes! 

These hats are tad bit big, but man the mitten idea connected to the GREAT! and warm!

We had fun making the reindeer pancakes we found on Pinterest! Too easy not to. 

The kids each got one another a little something so they took turns exchanging their gifts. 

We talked about what God wants for Christmas! 

It's a fun little story with boxes that you open with gifts in them. The last one has a mirror. The kiddos see that its THEM that God wants! 

We started a new girly tradition for Sophie. A snow globe each year. This year, the Nutcracker was appropriate since it was our first year to attend together just us girls! 

So thankful for our beautiful trio at Christmas and all throughout the year! 

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