Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flemith Beach Vacation {2013}

This was our 2nd year going on vacation with one of our favorite families!! This year we shared a condo rather than getting them close by. So fun! 

We got all dressed up one night and took each others pictures! 

Grammy made Sophie's precious outfit! 

Twin love!! It's so {sweet}

Our handsome big boy! 

All the kiddos!! 

Seoul Sisters! They have so much fun together! 

Our beautiful friends and their stellar four! 

Greer and the sun don't mix. He probably kept his eyes closed 90% of the week. He doesn't like hats or sunglasses enough to leave them on. :)

The kids love The Hangout! 

It's one of the places we go to each visit. 

Beach vacations for us are pretty stress free. Our schedule looks something like... wake up, eat, beach, pool, lunch, naps, snack, pool, beach, bath, dinner  and bed (for the kids at least)! They love every part!! 

Love Sophie's crinkly nose smile when she's super happy!

and this guy would swim the bottom of the pool 4 of every 5 minutes if you let him! Such the little fish!

The Mama's had some fun too!! 

The Big sand pit!!!

The kite was a hit! 

Love my little beach bums!

The Daddys took care of much of the "stuff" ya just have to have with 7 kiddos and 4 adults!

One night our family went on a dolphin watching cruise. It was really fun! 

Another night, we all went crab hunting. The kids are BIG into this! 

and on the way back in we stopped at the "hot pool"

and had a little glow stick diving fun! 

It was a wonderful week!! Our kids love playing together and so do the parents!! We really enjoyed waiting until September as nothing was crowded and the weather was perfect!!! Memories made and we are already dreaming about next year!

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