Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{HOME} is where my crazies are - The story of selling our home

It all started with this sweet little one!
I watched her a few days a week for a couple of months this spring/summer. Her mom was wrapping up finishing her masters degree and her dad was deployed. Mom mentioned they would be looking to buy a house soon. I jokingly, but with seriousness, offered ours. I mean, we have been ready to move on since having 3 kiddos but I sure wasn't in the place to list and sell a house with 3 kiddos!! ha! The next time I saw her, she said that she had talked with her husband and they actually WERE interested. We took pictures and shared with her deployed husband. We gave them some funds back at closing to do repairs and painting we didn't have the time to do before the sale. I still hardly believed that it could really happen that way. What happened after that was so nontraditional and freakishly smooth. We knew their lease was up at their apartment at the beginning of July and they got the ball rolling to get pre-approval. It came on July 1st. Since we knew them and wanted to make it happen for them before dad got home and in time for them to move out of their apartment, we moved out by July 5th! This would be my July 1st freak out face! I hadn't really done any preparing because we needed a more definite confirmation.  
Once I had my HOLY COW moment, I got to packing. I packed our house in 4 days and Brandon worked on some repairs and other details. Friday we moved our stuff and Saturday we cleaned up. Sunday, they moved in. We found a cute rental through a friends parents. We rented our house to our friends until closing. We wanted to rent because other life changing events were in the works and we just weren't sure what all was going to go down and where we would need our next home. We also didn't want to be in a rush to buy our next house. We have some specific things we are looking for and specific needs we need to meet for Greer's future school. We sold the house without any Realtors. Saving lotsa money for everybody. We stored our things in our "old" garage until the rental was ready while we stayed with friends.
It started out all organized but then at the end we kept finding a gazillion things needing to be packed and stored. It ended up like this...
 We stored everything but the things we took in our van as it was our moving closet for a few weeks.  
We made the best of our homeless few weeks. It really is what you make it and I stand by the statement that home is where my crazies are!! Harrison started school and we maintained Greer's therapy and schools schedule as well.
When it was time, we moved our things right on over to our cute green brick rental! A few days later, we closed at the title company. YES! a little backwards but it all shook out totally great in the end! The Lord's hand was very very clear in SO very much of it!
And we are making the best of our 3 bedroom 1 bath situation. Since we know who we are renting from, she offered to let us rent month to month. When we are ready to move on, we just give her a months notice! It has truly been amazing. 
While this was going down, Brandon was working toward seeing "what was out there" jobwise. He worked for a great company for 4 years but it was wearing on him and he wanted to get into something that was more marketable in the future. We were blown away and thrilled when he got his new position with a great company. This was also a reason we wanted to rent, we weren't sure what the end result of his search was going to be. His job is 40 minutes away, and while we would love to be right around the corner, our roots in our town, are growing deeper and stronger by the day. With Greer's resources and now, Harrison's school (soon to be Sophie's), moving away from all of it would take a lot!  
It was a whirlwind experience, but the best possible scenario for selling our house in this season of our lives. I didn't have a lot of time to get sentimental about all of the firsts that happened in that home, but I sure do love thinking about it now! From Newlyweds to the parents of 3....and lots of wonderful in between. This house grew with us! We were so excited for our friends and it's been so fun to watch them live in it through Facebook and Instagram!

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J said...

Thanks for sharing this story! I was curious to see why you guys sold your house. I've always thought it was so beautiful. Best of luck in your new endeavors!