Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tag-teaming Fall soccer

We signed the kids up for Fall soccer! Sophie has been waiting to play since Harrison did Spring 2012! Brandon's work schedule was too crazy this spring for us to commit then. We like to have daddy on the sidelines too! He is in a much better place with that now so we thought it was a good time. We have been getting the kids mentally ready and playing around in the backyard...

And last Friday was our 1st practice...

I put the kids on the same team this time. Sophie is the youngest on the team and hung in there like a champ {or a girly so excited for her time to shine}

Gone are the days of Harrison playing in the grass or hanging on my leg! And Sophie follows his lead so she was all in too! B, Greer, and I set up our chairs and watched the cutest soccer practice we have ever seen!

They are a little smaller than the rest of the team and their legs are shorter but they have the enthusiasm and gave it their best shot! That's all we can hope for! Here is to a super fun soccer season! Go Sharks!! {that's what the kids came up with so yes, they are the green sharks}

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