Sunday, July 14, 2013

Insta {Sweetness}

These are just a bunch of IPhone pics worth sharing!

Greer is now frequently found upright rather than laying and rolling on the floor! I remember there were days I would have given anything for him to do something other than lay around. He is constantly pulling up and cruising around. We are proud and hopeful about what this means. It's slow, but progress is steady.

I don't even remember these next two but sure loved finding them on my phone. They really have the best time together.

We have enjoyed LOTS of swimming this year! No swim lessons this year but I've worked hard with the "big 2" and we have official swimmers! It's so fun to watch!

Sissy promoted to the next class in Gymnastics.

We love a good park visit...

This is my "good thing I work well under pressure" face!

Greer is turning out to be quite the little cowboy! He went through a few weeks of resenting his time with Buddy but came back around!

Buddy is hard to be upset with for long...

I get this kissy faces many times a day. I'm gonna miss this one day!

Lets not forget this guy, he is a keeper! Just today, he gave me the rest of his sweet tea after mine was gone and also took the kids to class at church (we were running late) and sent me on into service so I didn't have to miss worship. It truly is the little things. Of course there is the whole working his booty off to provide for is thing too ;)


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