Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fathers Day - Lots to Celebrate!

This weekend revolved around the 3 great daddies in our lives!

Saturday morning, the kids and I got up and got ready to run our Fathers Day errands before lunch with my daddy. Greer wasn't feeling the errand running.

He made a scene throughout Target! but I was on a mission and had to persevere. The other 2 weren't on their best behavior either. It's rare, but it happens! (our kids are actually pretty good at "going") 

Everyone cheered up for lunch with Papa! We gave Papa two giant sized (SAMs sized) peanut butters. He loves peanut butter by the spoonful and we are "nuts" about him! What a coincidence!

Then we continued our mission to get the family set up to ride bikes together! That's what Brandon wanted for Fathers Day! Walmart had great prices on very basic bikes and a neighbor gave me a steal of a deal on the buggy to pull behind and I found a tandem bike on Craigslist but didn't pick it up until after surprising Brandon with the rest.

Daddy was hard at work until after 7 Saturday, but thankfully, we had a little daylight left to ride on our greenway trail. Not before a little devastation on H's part though. He was going to have to ride his bike and not in the buggy and that was pretty upsetting since the buggy was something new. 

Once we got going, he was much happier about it. And we had to hurry because we didn't have much daylight left. Somehow, I got all the gear in the van and we met B at work since there is a Greenway entrance right beside it. He didn't know we had his surprise with us. 

Harrison wrote Daddy! These little firsts are fun but also reminders he is NOT a baby anymore. 
We hit the Greenway and Harrison was thrilled once we got going. He probably road his bike almost 2 miles with us. 

We barely got off the Greenway before dark. 
Sunday, we went to church and took my dad to lunch with us. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my Daddy...not to mention awesome memories of the kind of Dad he was to me growing up. Loving, selfless, and so fun! I was a lucky lucky girl to have the father I and to still have him in our families life. If I thought he was the most amazing dad, I thing he is an even better Papa. 

The crew waiting to be seated. They weren't in the mood for my picture shenanigans but they know it's part of it so they did give in after I kept trying to get something to use (preferably with Greer's eyes open ha!).

We ran home to let the kids nap. I laid down for a second thinking I would jump back up but fell asleep. We all did. We ended up being 30 minutes late to Brandon's family celebration but that wasn't too bad. We spent several hours at Brandon's sisters neighborhood pool. and HELLO! We can't believe we hadn't been to it before. It's AMAZING and free. 4 pools, a kiddy play area pool, a big slide, and playground. I have a feeling we will be visiting more frequently this summer :) It wasn't busy at all. 
I love this picture of Brandon and his Dad.
and G-Daddy with his grands...

We had several tables to ourselves. 

Deacon is such a cute, cuddly, happy boy!

The Cousins...


Our kids took on the slide like a boss!!

 Except they didn't understand the part about waiting for the signal from the lifeguard...
after this incident, I really walked them through the rules. Ha! 

 Don't worry. It didn't phase them. a bit!

 I tried my darnedest to figure out a way for Greer to go down. The lifeguard wouldn't let me go with him and I almost sent him down in his life jacket but the water was a little too deep and going so fast, I was afraid he'd turn over and would take in too much water that way. Sad times when we can't work out a way for him to take part. Looking back I probably would have tried a little harder to persuade the lifeguard (or just gone once asking forgiveness over permission). Next time! 

The boys kept busy while everyone was eating...

 Love this man! 

 Grammy doesn't hesitate to join in the fun! 

 We discovered THIS is THE float for Greer! Will be hunting one down this week!

OH, and today. I picked up my Craigslist find...this tandem bike (the one Harrison is on) Our family bike caravan is complete. 

 I had intended to pull the buggy or the tandem bike but Brandon thought this would be fun. Ok, Ok, I'll let you do all the work honey! ha!! The kids thought it was THE best so I know that was his main reason for trying this out...that's just the kinda Daddy he is! Just like I said on Instagram and Facebook, He works hard, plays harder, and loves hardest! We are so thankful for all that he is to us! We are blessed with some amazing men in our family. They all love and care for their families in honorable ways!

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Aww looks like a fun weekend. All the kids are growing so fast.