Saturday, June 1, 2013

Batter Up

This morning, Brandon was off for the first Saturday since his birthday weekend! woohoo! We got up and headed to our nephews ball game. It was so fun to watch him and his team play. His team was in the outfield when we got there.He spotted us immediately and starting smiling and waving! The little baseball teams were incredibly cute.
 Tuff did a great job!
Harrison thought he was going to play. Not quite buddy. Once we got there he understood and watched.

On his 3rd pitch he hit it! 

 and then he made it to 1st base!

He made it home and then came out for a picture with his cousins!

Then we hung out to watch the rest of the game! These goobers were all in the rocks and dirt and then complained about having rocks in their shoes and dirt on their hands. ha! They are new to the baseball life obviously!!
Greer wasn't digging the brightness but refused to wear his hat.

The teams shook hands and they called it a game!

Tuff wasn't in the picture taking mood afterwards :)

but we sure loved watching him do his thing! Go Bees!!!

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Ashley Alford said...

This is GREAT! Love the last pic!