Friday, May 31, 2013

Sophie hits the beach

Monday morning, Sophie and I met up with a few other volunteers & 6 of our oldest inner city ministry kids to take them to the beach for 5 days.

I had been invited by their Tuesday night teacher months ago. She had given her kids a chance to earn this trip at the beginning of the school year through attendance and participation. I took this as a chance to include one of our kiddos for some solid quality adventure time. I knew I would be staying with the girls and I knew Sophie could use that quality time so she was my pick! I was right... She loved it. Every minute.

During Bible study and meeting times, she was either napping, sleeping, or ipading{and since long periods of iPad time are unheard of when sharing at home, this was a real treat that did not get old}

The rest of the time she played just as hard as the big kids.

And WITHthe big kids who were all so good with her!

Antonios was her favorite big kid.

The trip was equally as special for Sophie as it was for the big kids!

A special time needed, deserved, & cherished by us both.

Another blog detailing the groups experience as a whole, coming soon!

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Brooke said...

That picture of S cheesing it up in her swimsuit is hilarious!