Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day!

We had a great Valentines Day. It started off with Donuts with Dad at Sophie and Harrison's preschool.

Greer had speech therapy so we stayed home. Daddy took the other two to their breakfast.

He said it was so well done and very yummy.

I didn't take a picture of their Valentines before they left but thankfully, I had Greer's. They were the same.

These were super easy. I bought the bubbles a month ago. I printed these printable labels off a Pinterest link and tied them on. So easy and so fun. All kids love bubbles right?

After speech therapy, Greer had a nap and I cleaned and prepped the kitchen for our special Valentines dinner. I used our easel for the special menu.

I took Greer to school and caught a quick 45 minute lunch with Brandon. He spoke my love language with letting me pick our favorite Mexican restaurant. I didn't get a picture though. Then it was off to pick up Sophie and Harrison from school. We piddled around for a bit and then picked Greer up a little early.

We picked up Valentines for Daddies employees and made the delivery...

Then we went back to the house to get dinner ready. Once Daddy was home it was dinner time...

She seriously ate every bite!

Harrison was very into the sparkling Cranberry juice...

He told us dozens of times he "lubbed Valentines Day" and "Thank you Mama"

Then it was brownies and ice cream for dessert!! YUMMMMM!

I didn't take a pic of Greer eating because...well, because he is a MESSY eater :) We love taking actual Valentines day just to make a big deal of the love that we share for each other. Brandon and I will have a fun date later this week to celebrate too!!

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