Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Superman Was Adopted T-Shirts

Hi all!! We are recovering from a super fun filled weekend celebrating Chinese New Year with a whole bunch of awesome families and their Taiwanese Treasures!
WHICH is what motivated me to get going on something fun! This weekend we not only met up with all of these families to celebrate Chinese New Year, we were able to catch up with the missionaries who were partnering with AGCI during the time we went through them to bring Harrison home from Taiwan. They are on furlough for 6 months. Some families got together to host them in Nashville over this special weekend. It was an amazing time!
 It was yet another reminder of what a miracle all of our sweet babies are. Having almost all of the babies that came through Morning Light these last 4 years, in the same room...well, there was something super magical and equally emotional about it! It was a great reminder of how important the work they are doing in Taiwan is.
 We met up at a church on Sunday where each family shared their cardboard adoption testimony and the missionaries shared the message. It was a powerful service. Deana and Luke shared how they have ministered to over 100 women in the 4 years since starting Morning Light. 80% of these women have had at least one abortion. The birth rate in Taiwan is lower than the rate of abortion. Their ministry is in place to minister to birth moms, many of whom, feel they have no options and certainly no one else to help. Often times, Luke, Deana, and their staff are the only source of support. Adoption is sometimes a result of that ministry, but their first calling is to the women they come into contact with. They also travel to the schools to share a message called "Worth Waiting For."
 Most recently, they have been developing a program for single mothers. A 24 daycare, food bank, and training to help them develop a trade in order to earn income for their families.
That is where these come in...
A friend donated these to the silent auction we held over the weekend and many of the families wanted one. We only had 3 there. I got the bright idea to gather an order to sell and benefit Morning Light. So, I am opening the order up here as well. They come in infant, toddler, youth, and adult sizes. They come in black, blue, red, and pink! I will close the order on the 1st of March. All shirts are $20 and $2 for shipping! Please see the paypal buttons to the right of the blog and do your ordering there! These are regular t-shirts. The infant/toddlers run small. I'd go up at least one size. Two if you want room to grow. The rest are pretty true to size and fit like the standard t-shirt. I hope you think this shirts rock as much as the rest of us and will order one today! :)
A picture filled post ALL about our fun weekend coming tomorrow!


Unknown said...

I would love a shirt! I'm not sure of sizing, but I need a boys 6 in black.

Tabitha Reddick said...

Wanting to order a shirt so badly as our family is "Forgetting the Frock" this Easter! Do you think that the tshirts will be in, and shipped, in order for us to have it for our son to wear on Easter?? Please email me at! Thanks so much!

anjelah johnson said...

I purchased several colors of this T-shirt for this Spring/Summer and it was a great idea

Cheri Harwood said...

Can you tell me if this design is copyrighted or if you own it? I'd like to recreate and print or maybe sew.

I hope your fundraiser was very successful - congratulations.

Ellie Morgan said...

I am looking to buy one of these shirts. Seems most blogs/sites that offer these are from a few years ago.
Do you still have some?
Do you know where I could buy one?
Thank you!