Friday, February 22, 2013


I almost forgot I was going to try and do this each Friday! So here it goes for
this week...

We had quesadillas last weekend! I love sneaking in some extra goodness where I can. Quesadillas are great for that.

Sophie got to play with Amber Joy last weekend!

Greer too.

Harrison was at work with Daddy. Sophie napped with me. Greer isn't a fan of sleeping with us. He likes to be left solo :)

These two had the most fun with the pot on a string. I love when they use their imaginations so well!!

While Brandon and the kids napped Sunday afternoon, I used a Panera gift card and settled in to catch up on this here blog!

Harrison knows the art of sweetly begging. Here, he was wanting Greer's applesauce. "pwease....pwease mama" and you see the sparkle in his eyes don't ya?!

Reading a new book!

Time for a new do! Normally they just cut her hair but it was a hot mess this day. We asked for a wash and she loved it!

Right after, it was gymnastics time. We found this leotard in the clearance basket for 1/3 of the price and it's just her size. She was in love. Put it this way, we had a harrrrd time convincing her to take it off before bed that night.

I looked down and had to figure out a way to capture this sweetness.

Bowless bob...

Bedtime reading...

What a day!

Wednesday night, we took the plunge & purchased this communication app for our IPad. It is for Greer. I quickly programmed a few things specific to Greer and have lots more to go! Thankfully a sweet blog friend and fellow adoptive mom of a uniquely made preschooler, sent me an email with tons of programming ideas.

Greer was an award presenter at The United Way community celebration this week. Looking sharp in his Live United shirt & he knew it!

Lotsa people...

Harrison catching some zzzzzz's at preschool.

We observed Greer at preschool for over an hour Thursday. He thrives in the classroom and it's so fun to watch.

All 3 kids love the "yummy in my tummy" expression and had fun with it at breakfast today.

Sophie always needs her friends to sleep with her. They aren't always the same ones but she always has a request or two.

& finally our belated Valentines date to The Melting Pot!! Ohhhh yum & fun!

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