Friday, February 15, 2013


My goal is to start posting these phone photo updates each Friday! I have a phone full of photos and I take them because I want to capture these moments! I blog, because I want to document what I capture :) This post contains about 2 weeks worth of photos. You can follow me on Instagram too livingtoluv is my username!

Greer uses his gate trainer lots. I got an idea to make it a little more fun for him or at least mix it up a little :) he likes Elmo and the shipping cart so I strapped it to the front of his gate trainer.

Sophie got a lesson in how to chew gum this week. (with her mouth closed) she was too funny. She did it and said, "like this mommy? Thank you mommy. I love you mommy. I chew like this mommy." Then grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss!

Daddy sometimes plays games with kids at the dinner table if he gets home before dinner is done. Gives everyone something to do those last few minutes. Can you tell they all love this time?

I always have special plans for "the big 2" at the time therapists come to our home to see Greer.

Painting on the easel was a big messy hit :)

Donuts with Dad was a special thing at Sophie and Harrison's preschool. Sophie was excited to get her nails painted for it. She is such a fun girly girl!! We have fun with that.

We enjoyed valentines night at home. More on that soon. It was fun and has become our families tradition. Brandon and I will celebrate next week!

We went to Greer's school a little early to pick him up. Caught them playing basketball.

It's a weighted ball so he needed a little help but don't doubt he pushed himself up to that basket faster than I have ever seen him push himself in his chair. I'm thinking he is a basketball fan? :) and he knows every detail of what's going on around him and what others are asking of him! It's hard to keep from running out and buying him anything he is good at and enjoys. There is so much that limits him from playing with or on a lot of the things Sophie and Harrison do. He can have lots of fun too...just under the right conditions.

The kids both had Chinese New Year celebrations in their classes!

Sophie's least favorite part of the week is the 15 minutes longer Harrison has in gymnastics after her class lets out. Technically she isn't supposed to move up until 3 1/2 but I am thinking we are going to ask for special accommodations after her 3yr old birthday in a few weeks! She is so good at it and would do just as well in his class. This is her having a moment in the bathroom at gymnastics.

We are starting to have a few nice days! You know where we like to enjoy those...@ the duck park...

Sophie still enjoys the occasional "abooba" (on back) ride. When she gets super whiney, I give her the choice of working it out in her room or riding abooba (no whining allowed)! When I'm in a "mood" I either want someone to hold me or leave me alone... This seems to work for her. Occasionally, she will choose her room and will come out and say "I all done cwyning mommy"

Harrison sneaks into our bed sometime between 4&6 each morning. This was what I woke up to on my chest on Valentines!!

Harrison can officially write his name! This was the 1st time and he has continued to do it with more ease and by recalling the order on his own. He will skip the A and I if you don't catch him.

Don't be surprised that our super smart brother looking up to/admiring girl isn't far behind! That S is tricky.

I knew Greer was motivated seeing them do this so I set the easel aside for him for therapy. Great motivation for sitting to stand.

We had a special visitor!

Greer doing some ball work...

And this.... He is doing so well sitting and remaining stable!

That's about it for now!! So much fun wrapped up in the crazy going on around here!! Valentines, Greer goes to big school, and Chinese New Year posts coming soon!

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