Monday, February 4, 2013

A Date with the doctor, my daughter, old friends & new friends

That was a tongue twister!

Last Saturday, Harrison woke up wheezing & breathing heavily. He went back to bed and slept until 11:30. Harrison is our early riser and he doesn't lay around...ever.

I got him an appointment at the pediatrician. By this point, he had perked up a lot.

They were more concerned with the fluid on both ears than his breathing and sent us home with meds for both. He has come along way since his asthmatic days 3 years ago. I'll never forget our ambulance ride to Vanderbilt one Sunday afternoon.

Last Monday, Greer had occupational therapy(in home). I spent the first 30 minutes with him. Sophie woke up from nap and Harrison was still sleeping. We took advantage of some one on one time and baked some cookies. She ate it up... In more ways than one :)

Last Thursday, we had an afternoon play date with an old friend of mine from high school and her littles.

Brady wasn't mad about this pic I just caught him as he looked up :)

We had a great time with Amber, Brady, and Presley at the Discovery Center.

I had a thought when taking these pics of Sophie that I really need to plan some play dates with girls her age. She is always surrounded with boys. She doesn't seem to mind too much.

She took good care of her baby in the home center....

Then, Saturday night, it was Mommy & Daddy's turn.

Brandon has a friend at work and we met he and his wife in Nashville for some fun. We dubbed it our scavenger hunt date. All the places were so busy so we had to be flexible and work around that ;)

We went to a favorite taco spot then to laser tag (which ended up being a 2 hour wait so we didn't play) and our final destination was The Cheesecake Factory. They were also busy so we got our cheesecakes to go and took them to Starbucks and closed the place down. We laughed all night and had such a great time! Our kids spent the night with their grandparents so we were in no rush to get home. It was so fun to do something a little different with new friends who we definitely hit it off with!!

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