Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sophie’s the Sheep Celebrates Jesus’ Birth

Sophie’s preschool class had the cutest Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas party!

christmas 409

The party was a breakfast party. We could stay after drop-off, have breakfast, and watch their little nativity program.

christmas 412

christmas 413

A few weeks before the party, each child drew their part in the nativity program. It was only fitting that these two drew sheep. They are the best of buds and always together in class. They are Korean and they know it!

christmas 447

It’s funny how out of 14 kids they still manage to gravitate towards one another. So it was fun for them to be sheep buddies too.

christmas 448      christmas 451

Everybody loved the sweet STAR of the show. She was hysterically cute. We took the kids to the manger in the sanctuary and they all got into their places.

christmas 458

It was absolutely precious.

christmas 461

christmas 462

I will say it again! We have been blessed with the kids preschool this year. Not only are they learning a ton of letters, shapes, and numbers, they are also fostering the love for Jesus that we do at church and home! Can’t have too much of that!

Sophie was so proud of her role and of course, loved having Mommy at school with her. Greer had therapy at this time, so daddy stayed home with him until I could run home and switch places.

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Liz said...

Oh man! That is adorable! I wish we lived closer. I'd totally go to work for them!!