Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sealing the Deal–Adoption Finalization

We had gotten on the court docket to finalize the twins adoption the Monday after Thanksgiving(the day after we got back from our 1.5 week family visit. Hey! We’ll take it!

Up until this point, we were only recognized as the twins legal guardians! In our hearts, minds, and every day life, that certainly was not our perspective ! They were our children and we were their parents from the first moment we saw their pictures.

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This process was just a formality.

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We needed to do this in order to acquire parental status, change their names, and have American birth certificates.

We also completed the readoption process with Harrison. Although his adoption was final in Taiwan, this officially gave him his birth certificate and American court process.

The grandparents joined us. Papa had to work but MeMe came and represented him.

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It was great because we got to wait in the hallway until it was our turn. The proceeding was right in the middle of nap time so I think that was a blessing. The kids actually did pretty well. Greer moaned this little whine the WHOLE time we were there over and over and even through the court hearing. I later figured out his orthotic leg braces were hurting him Sad smile 

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They called us in and we answered a few simple questions and then signed a few papers and were done!

christmas 195

christmas 196

We celebrated the final pieces of “red tape” for our Taiwanese and Korean adoptions, in America, with some Mexcian food Smile Just call us a family that embraces all sorts of cultures. It was close and convenient and the kids are always so good with the chips, dips, and salsa to keep them busy. We are so blessed to have loving family to take the time to celebrate the little things with us! It was a special day to recognize yet again, the crazy sweet blessings we have in our trio!

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