Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preschool Christmas Program–Christmas Around the World

christmas 512

Harrison and Sophie had been practicing for their Christmas programs for a few months. I had heard bits and pieces of their songs and knew the theme, but wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. It was a fun surprise.

All the kids came down the aisle and it was so fun to anticipate them coming with their classes.

christmas 331christmas 332

I got a picture of our friends Bates and Trent too!

christmas 325christmas 330

Harrison’s class represented America! Hence the red, white, and blue and reindeer get up! Smile

christmas 335

The younger classes just did a few Christmas songs and wore their Christmas best! Sophie pretty much did this the entire time. No singing and no movements. It is so crazy to us since she is such the performer most times. Although, it does have to be her idea Smile  I am thinking that it was a tad bit overwhelming. I’ve been up on that stage and the ligths and big crowd even overwhelms me! At least she wasn’t crying right?

christmas 336

The teachers who planned the program did a great job! 140 Kiddos 5 and under and they all stayed in place and gave a great show!

christmas 339

Harrison’s headband broke at some point and it was so adorable watching him try and problem solve on his own. The teachers beside his risers didn’t realize he was having issues and he tried and tried to fix them on his own! It was so funny. Sweet boy.

christmas 343

We got a picture with Grammy and G-Daddy but missed MeMe and the Aunts who also came to cheer our cuties on!

christmas 345

Grammy even had treats in her purse to reward the kids for a job well done.

christmas 346

It was a very fun program. Our kids are in the most amazing classes for them and have gotten SO much out of their preschool this year! The Christmas program was a great bonus.

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