Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Play Date Friday!

Fridays are the only day we do not have to plan around Greer’s therapy (M-Th) and preschool(T&Th)! I try to do fun things with the kids on those days and it’s always fun to do with friends. We have a membership to an awesome children’s museum in the area. We met several friends there on this particular Friday.

Ellis was hungry upon arrival Smile 

christmas 285

Harrison got right to business taking care of the mail.

christmas 286

christmas 287

Everybody else got to keeping house! They made a good team.

christmas 290

christmas 292

christmas 293

We love this place! It’s especially great so kids can play in all the different rooms in the toddler/preschool area and the moms can hangout while the kids are totally within eyeshot.

christmas 294

christmas 295

Aiden (with Greer below) is from Korea too. It’s been our first play date with him and his sister. All of the kids had so much fun.

christmas 298

This is Aiden’s sweet sister Molly.

christmas 299

Greer says, “don’t mind me sissy!”

christmas 300

Ellis says, “You can’t handle this cutenss?”

christmas 302

Greer let Amber Joy take his wheels for a spin. Amber Joy is from the very same town and baby home Harrison is from in Taiwan! We love that they recently moved here and we can spend time with them.

christmas 303

Harrison preparing to juggle on the tightrope one day!

christmas 304

Sophie not far behind.

christmas 305

Tree House fun!

christmas 306

There is one room at the museum that is any parents dream Smile

christmas 311

It’s a padded room!! It’s tons of fun for the kids.

christmas 314

Aiden certainly was pleased.

christmas 313

christmas 320 christmas 322

Bathroom break before we headed out for lunch. Harrison kept up his “circus training” I snapped this picture and then was sure to tell him how dangerous that was!

christmas 323

It was a super fun morning! It’s always fun to get the kids together with friends and hang with other Mommys! This day, it just happened to be all adoptive moms! You know we had plenty to talk about! We are all kindred spirits for sure!

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