Friday, January 4, 2013

Cousin FunDay!

Grammy likes to get group pictures of the cousins a few times a year.

cousins 021

We decided to go to Opryland Hotel, where Aunt Heather works, to get our pictures this year. We went on New Years Eve day.

cousins 010

It was crazy awesome. Crazy at moments and awesome at others. They really did some great cheezing!  And we let them get their sillies out too.

cousins 006

cousins 029

cousins 032

Cousins are different beautiful flowers in the same garden.

cousins 036

Deacon is just THE cutest baby!

cousins 004

A cousin is a sister you never had.

cousins 044

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the cousins together.
~Woodrow Wilson

cousins 047

cousins 050

cousins 022

cousins 051

cousins 048

Harrison seriously got his head stuck in there. I was having flash-forwards of slathering his head in butter to get it out…but alas, we were able to wiggle him out.

cousins 052

While waiting for Grammy, we got some energy out! Cousin bootcamp.

cousins 053

Her blessings call her Grammy!

cousins 059

I had this idea to get the big ones picture on the escalator. It went well the first time when the couple clearly got in the picture! We tried again and it got dangerous. So, we gave up on that idea.

cousins 060   cousins 063

Breah, Colton, & Deacon

cousins 068

Our caravan…

cousins 071

Then it was lunch time! Aunt Heather fixed us up with hotdogs, sandwiches, and salads

cousins 076  cousins 077

Next up, The Holiday Shrektacular show! It was sooo good. They have different open show times at the Hotel and we got the 1pm spot. The kids LOVED it!

cousins 078

cousins 079

cousins 080

A fun surprise was snow falling down from the “sky”

cousins 082

cousins 083 

cousins 084

Grammy got the kids matching pajamas again this year. For the 2nd year in a row, I single handedly yet unintentionally “ruined” the group photo in said pajamas Winking smile It has nothing to do with this being my 2nd year having 3 children lol! I could not find Sophie’s pajamas anywhere. So she had to wear a different outfit Grammy fixed up for her this year.Bummer! Last year we went to change everybody into pajamas and I forgot one of the boys sets at the house. Next year, we will have to change the kids into their pajamas upon receipt of them and get the picture!

cousins 094

Our grand finale was so fun. The ICE exhibit. Aunt Heather got us free tickets. You bundle up and go into this exhibit of ice figures and scapes. It was a Shrek theme. It was 6 degrees I believe. 5 out of 4 kids loved it. Greer, not so much. All the cousins except baby Deacon who was staying warm with Grammy.

cousins 097

Fiona reminded me of me! Hands full but smiling with 3! I had to pose my 3 in front of her 3 Smile

cousins 098cousins 100

More evidence that Greer was ticked. It was the bundling up I am sure.

cousins 099   cousins 101

I volunteered to take a picture of a family and they returned the favor.

cousins 102

ICE SLIDE time!!! OH yeah! The kids did it about 3 times each.

cousins 103  cousins 108cousins 109  cousins 110

Greer couldn’t do it and he was mad about it Sad smile

cousins 111  cousins 107

cousins 112

cousins 113  cousins 117

The last piece of the ICE exhibit was this amazing ICE manger! LOVED it!

cousins 116

We only lost a glove for a few minutes and one kid for 30 seconds-ish! It was a whole lotta fun. The whole day was. It was our official last Christmas activity of the year and it could not have been better!

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