Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve & Christmas @ Home

We came home from my parents Christmas Eve morning/early afternoon. We took a quick nap and were up and ready to spend the evening together.

christmas 564

We actually did not go to our churches Christmas Eve Candlelight service. We had been so go, go, go and we wanted some time together at home. 

christmas 560

Daddy taught the kids how to play with the Lincoln Logs. This picture was a before picture. They caught on quickly. Then, it was time to decorate cookies for Santa.

christmas 549  christmas 550 

and taste test Winking smile

christmas 551  christmas 558

While cleaning up the cookie mess, I noticed one of the kids had gotten the manger crew ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. It was so cute how all eyes were on the manger.

christmas 554

Each Christmas Eve, we like to let the kids open pajamas as a gift. A friend shared a great idea about a game for the kids to open and for the family to play together on Christmas Eve. So, we started that this year. We actually didn’t get the kids new pajamas. They had several Christmas themed pair of PJ’s so we just did the game this year.

christmas 565

christmas 566

christmas 569

christmas 570

We played on teams. Me & the boys against Daddy and Sophie!

christmas 575

Then we read our Christmas story book and The Night Before Christmas. Greer LOVES to read books!

christmas 580christmas 581

He was so tickled after The Night Before Christmas was read.

christmas 582

We put the food out for the Reindeer.

christmas 583  christmas 584christmas 585

I put the kids down! Santa ran out of wrapping paper. (apparently Hobby Lobby has shortened their bulk rolls because normally a new roll lasts about 2 years. I bought a new one this year and didn’t even have that much to wrap and we ran out…just in time for the kids gifts) Our neighbor and friend to the rescue! We finished up the little bit of wrapping for the kids and Santa put together Sophie & Harrison’s big gift. He had already taken care of Greer’s bike earlier in the week.

christmas 586 christmas 591

Each kid got a Mickey or Minnie mouse shirt, a book, a stocking filled with so much fun and their “big gift".”

christmas 596  christmas 597

Sophie and Harrison got the medium sized trampoline to share! They were excited to come around the corner to see the trampoline right in the living room. We have since moved it to the playroom (old dining room) and will move it outside when it’s warmer. It has gotten HOURS of jump time already!

christmas 598

Greer got a bike and feels like such the big boy in it!! He will LOVE being able to ride along at the duck park just like Sophie and Harrison. The helmet just makes him look so ferocious Smile

christmas 599 christmas 602christmas 603 christmas 604christmas 605 christmas 606christmas 607 christmas 608christmas 610 christmas 611christmas 612 christmas 613

We introduced Greer to Snuggle Puppy. He is a fan.

christmas 614

My Christmas Cuties!

christmas 616

Some of Brandon’s fun gifts…

This awesome coffee cup that I use way more than him! I'm high fiving myself as I think about what a good purchase this was Smile! We both Love the cup!

christmas 617

Sophie helped me decide on which cologne.


and the very favorite gift EVER (says Brandon) was the Rootbeer sampler! He loves Rootbeer in the bottle. He had 12 bottles, 6 different kinds to choose from!


It was a super morning! We had a late breakfast and played before heading to Brandon’s parents later that afternoon!

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