Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

I don’t really back down to doing much with 3 kiddos!

christmas 207

I may be strategic in HOW I do things and I may even use bribery in order to get optimal results, but I’m not going to let having 3 kiddos keep me from doing things I need to do.

christmas 234

This day, I “needed” to get a Christmas card photo. We woke up and had breakfast and I dressed everybody in their Christmas attire and we headed out.

christmas 230

I knew of a green door downtown and I thought it would be the perfect place to do what I needed to do.

christmas 202

UNTIL we got there and I realized the sun was shining directly on that green door. Greer and sunshine do not mix if you want his eyes open lol! Although, he is so darn cute regardless!!

christmas 236

So, we tried our hand at getting a picture there.

christmas 218 christmas 227

When I realized that was not going to happen, I went to plan B which happened to be a little park across the street.

christmas 249

You can see what it took to get what I needed.

christmas 248

If anyone would have been watching they probably would have peed their pants laughing so hard. christmas 257

It really was seriously hilarious.

christmas 265

But, the VERY LAST picture I took, ended up being the one we used on the front of the card. There is a little chapel at the park and I was able to get the stained glass window in the background and the kids looking in.

christmas 277

I'm not even sure I realized there was a stained glass window showing so beautifully behind them.

christmas 282

But, in reviewing the pictures, it sealed the deal for “THE” picture!

christmas 284

It was worth every last drop of sweat, crazy gesture to get them to smile, and exhausting moment of dragging all their stuff and correcting their crazy behavior as we went from spot to spot trying to get the shot!

christmas 274

I was proud of our work that morning! There is seriously NEVER a dull moment with us! Love our Christmas cuties!

christmas 272

*Oh, and Grammy made Sophie’s gorgeous Christmas outfit. I picked out some fabric and she had the patterns! We have gotten a gazillion compliments on it and she wore it as often as possible to celebrate Christmas.

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