Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Celebrating 4 Years of our Little Mr.

We celebrated our December baby on his birthday and beyond Smile His birthday was a busy day with preschool and our inner city ministry that we help at on Tuesday nights. I was determined we would still fit in a celebration.

christmas 388

The best way to do so, was a celebration breakfast. I asked Harrison if he wanted a chocolate, vanilla, or sprinkle cake. It was not surprising that he chose sprinkle! Funfetti it was.

christmas 389

We got it all set the night before and then persuaded them with the celebration to get ready for school quickly! Harrison was stoked about his cake and streamers. He said “It’s so awesome MaMa!”

christmas 392christmas 393

We sang and then he blew out his candles.

christmas 394christmas 396

We all had cake, ice cream, and hot cocoa for breakfast.

christmas 402

christmas 401

christmas 403christmas 404

The kids class Christmas parties were that day so we waited to take class treats until the next preschool day. Harrison was SO excited to share donut holes with his friends. Sophie was excited for him too Smile

christmas 406christmas 407

christmas 484

The week of his birthday was just jam packed. The following week, we took a family trip to Opry Mills in Nashville and let Harrison pick out his very first Lego purchase. He was a fan. We let Sophie and Greer get some too.


Brandon was just as excited if not more excited than Harrison about this right of passage!



Suffice it to say, Harrison was loving his 2 week long birthday festivities. He is certainly worth celebrating. He is the most fun, vivacious, busy, LOVING (oh he loves so well) little guy. He gives dozens of hugs, I love yous, and kisses each day. Not to mention, he is my biggest admirer. He tells me that I am beautiful and awesome at least once daily. He loves to eat ALL.THE.TIME. He loves some Super Why. He has the most amazing dance moves for a 4 year old. He’s always had the moves though. He has the funniest expressions and is always making us laugh. & He is FINALLY potty trained.

I look at him often and wonder how in the world we got so blessed. God orchestrated the gazillion events of this life in order to grace us with Harrison as our son. My heart aches for what his birth family is not blessed to experience from day to day with him. He is just so amazing. More so, I hurt for what our sweet boy has lost in order for us to get the blessing of having him here, with us. I pray that we can be a part of helping him grow to have a strong sense of self. He is so proud that he is from Taiwan. So proud that Mommy and Daddy flew on an airplane to “scoop him up and love him forever and ever!” I pray that he always feels this way as we love him here but celebrate where and who he is from. What a gift we have in our Taiwanese Treasure!

Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we Smile 

Our first picture of Harrison at 4 months old…


Just home @ 1 year old!


Settled in @ 2 years old!

2010birthday 016

Crazy Fun @ 3 years old.

sincekorea 637

Super Awesome @ 4 years old!

christmas 215

Be Still My Mama Heart! I kind of wanted to just pretend like this birthday wasn’t happening. I miss those chubby baby cheeks from that just home photo above. BUT! I sure do love the tons of fun he is as this super awesome 4 year old too! He is going to grow…whether I am ready or not. It’s best I embrace it Smile

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