Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boys Vs. Girls Night!

For Christmas, we bought all the guys on Brandon’s side of the family tickets to the Monster Truck show in Nashville!


I am pretty sure it was a winner all around! Brandon and Harrison both said it was a blast!

boysnight1  boysnight6

Brandon said it was a toss up as to what Harrison enjoyed the most the trucks or the food. He apparently was into all the treats available. Brandon sent me the two pictures below and said. “I’m sorry. I know it’s a skull. I just had to.” Harrison LOVED his skull snow cone. The reason Brandon sent the text is because we don’t typically buy skull things. It’s just a little too “dark” to me. We have a few pirate toys but that’s about it. The look on Harrison’s face with his first skull “thing” is priceless. 

boysnight4  boysnight3

Greer held tight to his binoculars. They took the fold up booster highchair we have and it made a perfect spot for Greer to sit in his own seat!


Brandon said this was Greer thought about them doing donuts.


The boys night was a hit! We are so glad. Sophie and I had our own fun too. We had plans to go out with another mom and her daughter but her daughter got sick. We went ahead & had some fun. I had been preparing Sophie all day that the boys were going to Monster trucks and she was going with Mommy. Girlfriend picks up on EVERY.THING and is NOT one to be left out. The plan worked because she took it well. As soon as the boys left she started asking to eat. We went to our favorite spot. Sophie ate her weight in chips, cheese, and salsa.


Next stop, the pet store. The kitties were her favorite.


and finally we shared a frozen yogurt!



Boys & Girls Night was AWESOME! We can’t wait to do it again.

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