Monday, January 21, 2013

A day in the life...

Or a few days in the life of us!
Harrison had a play date! These boys thought they were hot stuff with their bottles of root beer.

Legos on the trampoline...

Snuggles after nap...

Our little puzzle master. He does at least 2 of these every day on his own.

We work on our name each day at breakfast or lunch!

A devotion I loved!

My Erin Condren planner rocks! The pages do not go bare!

We always see this ride at a local restaurant. The kids always sit on it but never actually pay to play. I happened to have some quarters in my pocket for a special treat.

We love family trips to Sams.

Bubble baths are the best

Greer is a big admirer of mine and the feeling is mutual!

Soooo.... This one morning, I went to get Sophie out of bed only to find she wasn't in there!!! I freaked and went all through the house looking for her. I finally heard a muffled sound leading me to her closet. Se had been putting her baby to sleep in there and told me "baby cwying mama"

Papa was with Greer for his speech session this day! I love coming home to a note like this...

Field trip night with our inner city ministry kids!

These two swam around all the crazy kids having fun like champs. They are fish!

Greer wasnt feeling well :(

Bless his heart! He bounced back quickly!

Everyone had a rest & recover day!

Harrison is all about Mama. Lotsa hugs, kisses, and I love you's this day!

Sophie loves to walk around in layers of random things!

Daddy helping Greer work his core...

Long overdue haircuts... Haven't had once since Novemeber.


Hungry girl chowing down...

Harrison matched the animals to the corresponding letter!

Lastly, me and the trio took on the grocery store!

I had been putting it off long enough. All was well until I had the cart full of groceries with kids underneath and then realized my wallet was in the car! Park cart, dig kids out, run out to the car parked far away in the freezing cold, carrying Greer holding the hand of one holding the other, retrieve wallet, run back in,put them in another cart, pull both through checkout, load Greer into grocery cart and let the other two ride on it back out to the car, load groceries, get kids in, collapse in front seat :)
Oh and one more of this cutie!

Tonight, we were giving the kids a bath and Brandon said, "what are we going to do when they grow up? They won't be babies anymore" :) That's a sweet daddy!!

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