Monday, December 3, 2012

The Thanksgiving Surprise

My Granny lives in Florida. We are very close. She was expecting my mom, dad, and little sis for Thanksgiving. Little did she know, my mom, myself, and the kids were coming a week early to keep her company between then and Turkey Day. We arrived one week before Thanksgiving. We arrived around the time she got home from work. When we pulled up, She was unloading groceries and talking to me on the phone. She asked me to hold on because someone was pulling up. She was so excited and surprised to discover it was us. She had one more day of work before being off Thanksgiving week. We took that Friday to visit my papa a few hours away. He has chickens and the kids loved touring his chicken yard.

We also went to a fun haircut place near Granny's house and got the kids taken care of.

We had to get some energy out at a local park too. The kids loved playing with their cousin Austin all week.

Sleeping arrangements were snug but cozy. On this night, Sophie must have tossed her blanket over to Greer before dozing off. She takes good care of him. Loves him so.

Brandon and my dad arrived Thanksgiving morning. My aunt hosted the Thanksgiving meal at her in-laws farm. It worked great with the kids.

They were able to run & play before and after eating.

The four wheeler ride was a favorite!!

Later that night we just relaxed as a family @ Granny's!! It was a perfect way to end the day with my 4 richest blessings!!

We arrived home with the twins the day after Thanksgiving last year so this was an extra special Holiday celebration as a family of 5 this year!! So thankful for God's abundant blessings in 2012 for our Smith Party of 5!

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