Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zoo Day!

We were blessed with a zoo membership last Christmas. The weather was looking good last Friday so a zoo play date was in order. Gotta squeeze them in while weather permits
. We had friends ride with us!

I love extending hospitality via the van ;) Harrison was excited to move to the back with Sophie to make room for Amber Joy. Cool note: Amber Joy is from the same city in Taiwan Harrison is from.

Sophie kept saying " you like it Hair-sah!? You lika Fophie's back seat?" ;) We met up with more friends there.

We really had a blast!

Got some standing practice in...

Saw lots of fun animals!!

Road a choo choo

Greer was being Mr. Independent here.

We had lunch in a pretty spot! Leaves all over the ground and in the trees around us.

Then we rode the carousel ...

And one last look at the monkeys before we left! We had such a fun morning!

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