Friday, November 23, 2012

The Depths of My Heart!!

It's been a crazy awesome few weeks and we still have a few days of the craziness left! I want to take you back to November 14th though.

On that day, we celebrated 3 years of this guy. Oh.My.Word. My heart could absolutely burst just thinking about what God did deep in the depths of my heart the day Harrison was placed in our arms forever. It was an instantaneous and overwhelming connection and a new kind of love that was discovered. A mothers love.

We had a busy week as we were preparing to go out of town on the 14th. We still made time to celebrate him. On Monday of that week, we gave him 3 choices for ways to celebrate. A movie, bowling, or Chuckee Cheese. No sooner had he gotten the word "bowling" out of his mouth before he changed it to "Chuckee Cheese!" We kinda had a feeling :) So off we went...

Eveybody loved it!

It was a slow night so the kids really got to play.

I loved how Harrison held onto Sophie this whole ride :) taking his big brother job seriously!

We all love some skee ball

The tickets are a big part of the fun for the kids. We normally save them at home but we let the kids trade them in for a whistle, plastic ring, and rubber snake... Because all extra special nights need one of each right?! ;)

On the actual Harrison-aversary day, we hung our special banner that I "bartered" babysitting for with a crafty friend :) love it! It's big and durable for years of celebrating!

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The kids caugt on quick and request them when there is anything to celebrate! Then, mama got a sitter for the twins and we met daddy for lunch.

Harrison loves spaghetti and meatballs AND we had a giftcard! Perfect! Harrison hugged us and told us he loved us a BUNCH of times. He loved his special date on his specials day. Just the 3 of us, just like it started out.

I teared up as I was explaining to our waitress when she asked what we were celebrating.

Daddy had to go back to work, but I also had a free frozen yogurt punch card so we went to his favorite yogurt place and split a bowl on our way home. He really uses the whole frozen yogurt experience for the gum ball that he can get at the toppings bar! He got 3 this day. 3 gum balls for 3 years. He ate one and took the other two home for he and sissy to have after nap!

We loved celebrating our sweet boy! 3 blessed years of loving him.... And MANY more to come. Thank you Lord for our beautiful, fun-loving, & super sweet son!


Robin said...

Happy Harrison Day! What a great celebration you all had:)

Liz said...

Was this celebrating his birthday or gotcha day?