Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza!!

We truly had a blast at the Pumpkin Patch this year.

We set aside an afternoon and met Brandon's parents to take it on together!

There were plenty of hands to go around and 3 out of 3 kids were thrilled to be there the entire time. We ended up closing it down.

Let me take a sentence to say.. I love this guy... A LOT!! Best dad and husband for us.... Proves it over and over with each passing day!

This was a new to us pumpkin patch. We have loved the one we've been going to but had heard so much about this one. Greer was obsessed with the maps. He was head navigator.

We loved this pumpkin patch even more. There was SO much more to do and see!! The lama picture is a bad example;)

A family enjoyed stopping and laughing as we tried to get "the shot"

The Kids loved getting help climbing to ring the bells!

This next part was a favorite of everyone's!

G-Daddy impressed us all by climbing the rope twice and getting to the bell.

The corn bin was too much fun.

The slides were also a HUGE hit.

We did them several times each.

Greer too!!

As I have shared before... He loves fast, rough, and loud so he was a slide fan too... Even if he needs help.

Sophie and Harrison are all in all the time!

I love this picture of the kids with Grammy and G-Daddy!

Grammy brought special pig cupcakes for snack time. The kids loved them.

We caught the choo choo on the way out!

These two are sidekicks for sure!!

And the corn maze was the grand finale. The afternoon was a blast!!

I love when something like this is a hit for all 3 (oh and that always equals a hit for us) These smiles and the quality time are things I treasure.

Greer was pooped by the end.

But like all good moms, I hauled them to one more spot for a photo op. Greer's tongue wagging smile is my favorite... That's when you know he is at 100 on his happy meter.

Until next year ;)

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