Sunday, November 4, 2012

Peter,Tink & Captain Hook take on Halloween!

While working the consignment sale I get the majority of the kids clothes from earlier this fall, I was able to get the kids Halloween costumes. I was happy to have it done ahead of time. In fact, I'm becoming better and better at that (not procrastinating) due to how satisfying it is and how much lower stress levels are as a result! (with the exception of laundry but that is the next item on my Mommy will conquer list!)
I was bouncing around several ideas but when all 3 Peter Pan costumes were available, in their sizes, it was a given as to what direction the costume selection was going. I borrowed a Peter Pan DVD for the kids to "study up." and Jake & The Neverland Pirates already commonly entertain our trio!! The kids have been obsessed with pixie dust, flying, and pirates for a few months now.
Harrison loved being Peter!!

Sophie was and still is all about her pixie dust. In fact, according to the trio, pixie dust solves all kinds of their issues on a daily basis. Sophie is always talking about it and Harrison is always asking for her to use it for his benefit. And Greer, well he just laughs and laughs @ their make believe. This morning I heard Harrison say from the back of the van," hey Foph, get your pixie dust. It's too cold, I can't fly" and Sophie is sure to share her pixie dust but as she will tell you, only in emergencies ;)

Greer totally owned the role of Captain Hook :) although, he wasn't very convincing of any scariness ;) just a whole lot of cuteness.

On Tuesday, I spent the day with the kids at their preschool for Fall party day.

Greer goes to a different school on Tues/Thur afternoons so he tagged along for the fun.

He of course loved it. Sophie & Harrison were proud to have him too. His favorite was his private meeting with Freddy the Fire Engine. Freddy even convinced him to push himself quite a ways in his wheelchair.

Can we borrow Freddy for PT?
Wednesday night was our churches chili supper and trunk or treat! With Mama in charge, we still managed to have a great time as a family!! All of our volunteers did a great job!! This is a wonderful option for this wheel chair pushing family!! No steps to have to fuss over and lots of candy close together :) it's also safe and fun to spend time with those you know and love.

Found our buddies Bates and Brodie several times...

And my sis and cousin Ada...

And our wheel chair buddy Austin!! Look at his cool digger costume! His brother Bryce is a sweet heart!

Greer was super fussy for a bit and we figured out it was because he wanted to carry his bag. He knows what he wants & just can't fully express it sometimes. Working on it. Once we fixed the bag it was a great time!

It was so fun to let them play in there stash once we got home :)

We had so much fun with our costumes and festivities!! And I do believe we get the award for cutest Asian Peter Pan trio ever :)

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