Sunday, November 4, 2012

Impromptu Friday Night Family Fun

We decided on a last minute whim, to have an adventure with friends on Friday night. That landed us here after a 45 minute drive!

It is such a cool place to eat with kids. Our good friends met us there right after the above picture. Table for 10 please!

Harrison was mesmerized...

Sophie terrified-ish (unless we held her hand.. I let go in order to capture the reality of the situation)

She looks so stressed but only was when it got dark or loud... Every 15-30 minutes ;)

Greer... He was digging it!!

Excuse the dessert and some dinner left on his face... Greer=Meh-sssssyyy!!

Harrison loved the volcano dessert :) he told us so... A bunch of times with his mouth full and not!!

We all enjoyed the dessert. Notice Greer zeroing in on it here :)

After dinner we took one last trip around the restaurant to make sure we saw all there was to see. Tigers, gorillas, elephants, fish, huge butterflies, and more! Harrison's favorite was the "iguana" look how he admired it ;)

Sophie was pretty impressed with the butterflies but they were too far up to get a picture with.

Greer liked the gorillas. Daddy being silly.

Telling the hippo bye!

The restaurant is in a huge mall. By the time dinner was done, the mall shops were closed. We decided to walk through any way and see all the stores as the mall just reopened. They keep the mall open because the restaurants and theaters are open later. Believe it or not, we had the best time making the loop around. Its a huge mall.

We stopped to make these first...

The the play area was empty (of course) so we took advantage of that...

Yes, he army crawled through on his own!! Because he is awesome like that.
Sophie so proud...

Harrison just having fun... Life is a party to him!

At this point, our friends left and we made our loop around. Daddy gave Greer a special ride ... Backwards

Popping wheelies...

The kids asked me to get the key for this store :)

Harrison did a few laps up and down this ramp...

And hung out with a new pal...

Sophie took a turn pushing...

Bottom line, our family had entirely too much fun making a trip around the mall circle with all the shops closed!! :) but the kids didn't mind and neither did we!!

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