Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Celebrations...

They are the best!! This afternoon, we celebrated Brandon's dad and our nieces birthdays. Grammy had a Groupon for the putt putt place.

We were pretty much the only ones there.

We let the kids run free and they had a blast!!

Um, why does he look 13 here ;)?

Sophie was Daddy's assistant

Baby Deacon's first putt putt experience

Greer wants so bad to be a part of everything and we try our best to include in him as much as possible. Lots of times it's precarious and hard but it doesn't stop us from trying. I try not to think about how that will be harder as he gets bigger. He gets stronger by the day and he is about as determined as his mommy and daddy so we will be ok!!

Harrison stopped in for a kiss!! I see this face often. In the halls at church/preschool, first thing in the morning, random times throughout the day, and even in the middle of gymnastics class ;)

Breah gave Greer some lessons. I'll let you decide how he liked it :)

Sophie's turn...

Sophie said, "I watch Daddy!"

Harrison was digging for the last ball that the last hole takes away.

Deacon was just chilling.

Go-Cart time...I'm cracking up at Greer crammed in...Looks safer that way to me.

You can only see a smidge of his hand brace here..

All of the kids were squealing the entire time!

G-Daddy riding solo

Heather & Breah

Mario & Colton

Grammy preferred baby duty

Game time

Nap time

And finally dinner time!

Harrison just gave up on the fork...

Sophie and I enjoyed our baby holding time...

Can we just pause and observe a moment of silence in honor of the very first picture in this post?! All of B's side of the family looking and smiling!!? That is a rare shot! We are blessed to be close enough to our families to enjoy this kind of quality time with them often!

What a gift!!

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