Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daddy & Harrison Morning!

This morning, the twins and I went to church and left Brandon and Harrison behind. They played hooky from church to spend some quality father/son time.

Brandon has worked a whole whole lot this month including late nights and a good portion of Saturdays. (we are so proud of him and have managed to hold down the fort without him. We certainly miss him. We just are sure to take advantage of the time we have with him)

This time was needed for the two of them. He was left with strict instructions to take pictures because the Momarazzi wasn't around. 1st stop Krispy Kreme because Harrison chose donuts as the breakfast of choice.

And the 2nd stop made me laugh because they went to what Sophie calls "Mommy's store," Target. And this picture cracks me up...

They got Harrison a new soft baseball. We bought him a glove at a yard sale last month and he has been dying to use it. The next stop was the pet store. Harrison was all over that!

Lastly, they went to Ross to get daddy some new work pants and then it was time to reunite with us for lunch and naps!

Fun was had, mission accomplished!!

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