Saturday, October 13, 2012

Greer's wheelchair!

Thursday morning, daddy took Harrison & Sophie to school while Greer and I headed in the opposite direction to pick up his much anticipated custom wheelchair!

We found out a few months ago that since we had met our out of pocket max, this beauty was fully covered!! It was a huge blessing.

They even surprised us with his name on the seat back.They sat him in it to see what adjustments needed to be made.

We hung out while they did them.

Then he got back in the chair for the last few fitting checks.

He was a champ. They complimented his behavior. Apparently, it's not abnormal for them to be pinched and bit! :(

He was a happy boy once all was adjusted!

We are thankful for the blessing of Greer's wheels! I told him he had until he was 4 to use it :) after that(5) it's walking!! This Mama doesn't play when it comes to believing anything is possible! He has come so far already!!


E said...

That's so exciting April. :)

Gale Bamman said...

You and your hubby are incredible people---with such loving hearts and determination! God bless you!

Dizzy said...

How wonderful April!! Go Greer - I have every belief with you and B as his cheerleaders Greer can achieve great things!

Liz said...

LOVE this post!!