Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sophie & Harrison's Big Day! Preschool 2012-2013

These two. Ohhhh these two ;) The picture says it all. They are something else!

Sophie is sassy & sweet and she knows it!

Harrison was ALL about his backpack and school!

We headed to their first 1/2 day on August 21st.

Harrison ran right in and took a seat. That's my busy fun loving boy!

His teachers are awesome!! I work at the church and have the privilege of peaking in often and they are constantly hands-on in his room!! It's perfect for our little guy. I would put him in he category of tactile learner so that's great for him!

Sophie must have remembered what to do from last year because she ran in and sat in the center of the room. Sophie's teachers are also awesome and she comes home with 3-4 things each day to share what she's learned. It's impressive to me!

They both had a great 1st day. The 23rd was their first full day.

Since, we have enjoyed homework...

What bubs does, sissy does :)

And a little supplementing...

Hallway class sitings :)

And peaking into their rooms as I am able :)

After an interesting shake down of the kids class placement early on, it seems the Lord knew exactly where each of them should be this year. Their teachers adore them and they are thriving in their individual classrooms.We couldn't be more pleased and excited about the preschool year to come!!

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