Monday, September 10, 2012

Smarty Pants Greer!

Loves to blast off with the Little Einsteins...

When we are out and about Greer likes to keep his skills a secret :) He just isn't as comfy interacting with those who don't know him well. This is he and I going through some of the directions he can follow! There are more too.

YouTube Video

He and Harrison are big buds...

I got a little of his loving before leaving for girls night recently!

He had a blast painting with shaving cream!!

He knows how to hang when we are waiting for Sissy and Bubs to get done at gymnastics.

He and our buddy Anderson are so cute together!! Anderson is so good with both our boys!

We have cut down OT to once a week due to a change in therapist and availability. I am just extra mindful at home!

He also had a room change at his awesome preschool. I love the observation booth. I checked in on him the 1st day. He was doing great!

I was sure to send a list of signs for his teacher.

He loves rough housing :)

And it's fun to see him more and more able to hang with his sister and brother!!

We are waiting for his special and specific to him wheel chair to arrive (the one we have now is a loaner)!! He is doing so well!! We are proud of him and love him so!!!

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