Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Chuseok/MidAutumn Moon Festival

We celebrated Korea's Holiday, Chuseok, tonight. We didn't make a huge deal but we had fun. They emphasize Chuseok to the level we celebrate Thanksgiving!

We got the kids in their Hanboks and bribed them for a pose.

Then it got crazy.

We called this photo Asian Toddlers Gone Wild :)

We had some awesome homemade Bulgolgi for dinner. Sophie was the last to stop eating. She loves her some Bulgolgi.

Then we had some moon pies for dessert (to recognize the MidAutumn Moon Festival also being celebrated in Taiwan)! We were going to watch the moon but it was nowhere to be found :( cloudy nighy.

We had quite the celebration of our kiddos birth cultures this weekend! Yeah!

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