Saturday, September 15, 2012

Enough Energy To Power a Small City!

Yep, that's how a friend of mine described Harrison this week :) It was in a text and it made me laugh out loud when I didn't really feel like laughing! It actually said, "Poor Harrison. It's tough being a boy his age with enough energy to power a small city."
The message was in relation to these pictures that I had sent her...

We had just discussed our busy 3 yr olds over lunch. I knew she would get the weight of this for me.
I knew from the minute I saw that behavior report, the 1st day of preschool, it would lead to a brief moment of devastation (for Mama) when something other than a :) showed up. It took 6 Tuesdays & Thursdays.
On the 7th day, there it was. You see, as awesome as I know our little guy is, there is no denying he is busy and sometimes distracted. He is not a "bad boy" by any stretch. I remind myself... He.Is.3. & He.Is.A.Boy. Of.development. However, that doesn't excuse or justify not obeying. We struggle with this some at home too and I'm constantly having him repeat what I ask him to do and reminding him to listen and do it the first time.
Mrs.Amy was so nice about it. She wanted to "warn me" before I opened his folder and pointed out it wasn't a frown. She said she knew I would be upset and said to use it as a reminder to discuss making good choices on the way to school. In an email later, She said that she and her co-teacher love Harrison's happy carefree attitude and are super patient with their kids. Its just a process of learning the expectations of preschool. We love Mrs.Amy & Mrs.Joann. I appreciate this approach. They balance celebrating who Harrison is and not letting him get away with the behaviors that need to be worked on. Awesome!
So, back to the straight face... we went straight to Daddy's work. I text him and asked him to come outside with his best serious Daddy face to discuss this with Harrison.

Harrison was pitiful. They looked at the folder together. Harrison tryed focusing on the positive by pointing out the other 6 smiley faces! Lol!! Brandon and I could hardly keep from laughing at Harrison's pitifulness. We talked about this several times between Tuesday and Thursday. We asked his Wednesday teacher at church to help him keep his shoes on because he is used to being allowed to take them off there. Preschool is at our church this year. Church is less formal and laid back, with more down time, as it should be. I ask his Wednesday night and Sunday School teachers how he does and they both say eager to learn, loves to move, but you have to keep his attention or redirect him back to what's going on. It's a new set of expectations this year. Both last years church and preschool classes were much more laid back. It's a hard thing to shake out the difference when you're an energetic little guy just trying to live the 3yr old sweet life ;) rules and adults expectations just get in the way sometimes!
After church Wednesday night, we sat down to make an apology card for his teachers...

Thursday morning, I sent him in really secured shoes & Daddy did drop off. They prayed together on the way to school. Brandon walked Harrison to his class and made him apologize again and read his cards to his teachers. I stopped by a few times to peak in that day (remember I work @ the church part time). He had a better day.

His card was hanging on their bulletin board and we celebrated his good choices at pick up. We will continue to encourage him at home. It can be a challenge to find a balance. Sometimes being too hard on him because you want him to act a certain way so you feel good about your own self as a parent is a temptation. I'll never forget visiting somewhere once( long time ago) and having the people we were visiting act as if Harrison was a maniac. I knew it was typical 2yr old behavior but it really affected how I parented him during our visit. I felt very guilty after leaving and knew I had acted ugly as a result of what others thought and not out of loving guidance with my sweet boy.
He has 2 years until school. I want there to be a good balance of him being able to be him and gradually learn how to act in a school setting. As anxiety producing as the behavior chart is, it will be helpful. It's a great way for his teachers and us parents to have a running communication of how our vivacious little guy is doing! Until the next non-smiley face(cause I'm realistic... He will have off days), we will be
walking the fine line between embracing and shaping who God made our little guy to be. I think he is pretty amazing... Ants in his pants and all!!!
Speaking of, look who crawled in our bed at 4am, waking me up enough to write this post...

And, that would be him dancing to Alvin & The Chipmunks on the IPad (@ 4:30am) because me writing has kept him up! I just said to him,"Harrison you're Cray-Cray"( cray-cray is code word around here for crazy) and he said"no Mommy you Cray-Cray." My thoughts on that...before the end of this parenting gig I might just be! But as an Instagram friend and I agreed today... We are going Cray-Cray and having the time of our lives all at once! It's the most wonderful kinda conflicted I've ever been!!
Signing off and snuggling up,


Annette said...

Awe our sweet Harrison!! That pitiful picture of him showing Brandon his good smiley faces just broke this MeMe's heart. It's tough being 3!!

Ashley Alford said...

This post made me cry! I love that sweet boy! :)

Christy said...

This post just "Hit Home" for me! We have the same scenario with Austin! Although he is 5 now, he is still a BOY, and a busy boy at that!! We get Red, Yellow, or Green in Kindergarten. We have yet to have a full week of "Greens!" His teacher has informed me that he is not a Bad Boy, but a Busy boy, resulting in a yellow, or a red at times. It does get frustrating sometimes being on the parent side of it! Thanks for your encouragement and insight on your parenting! Love to read about your progress with the kiddos! Good luck to you Cuzzo!!