Sunday, September 9, 2012

Celebrating 28 years of Me!!

I recently had a birthday! This year, I've jokingly said that I have lived a lotta life in these 28 years. Especially in the last...oh you know, 10 months :)

I told Brandon a while before my birthday that I'd like to have our family celebration at the fair. He obliged.

We did have to make a little pitstop to fix a flat!

Grammy and Gdaddy live close to the fair and were able to spend some time with us there too.

Gdaddy works for a bank that passes out popsicles at a booth each day at the fair. He was working this night and we wanted to make sure he had plenty of business!

The food was certainly a favorite!

I wish I had a picture but it was so good, I was busy actually eating it. I found my new favorite fair food...a Walking Taco! Where has this been all of my fair going career?

The animals are always a hit. This was Harrison's 3rd year at the fair and the twins 1st.

Sophie was a little nervous but per usual, followed big brothers lead.

Greer was chosen to represent a pig in the pig races. I had fun helping him cheer his to the finish line!

Then, he got to get up close and personal with them!

Sophie and I were good to let the boys enjoy this next animal on their own.

The rides were fun. Harrison and I certainly lead the pack in willingness and height requirements. Sophie was just trying to figure it out. She went back and forth between "This fun Mama" and "I scary Mama!"

This was the first ride Harrison wanted to get on but couldn't. He was sad.

It was all I hoped it would be and more! Family fun and memories made!!

This very well may be my new birthday tradition!

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