Sunday, August 5, 2012

This week...

We went on a great date!!

It has been forever since we went to the Melting Pot. We wanted something different. It was nice to have a long time to talk together!!

I broke some big rules and took Harrison with me to the grocery @ 9pm. He was great and we had a blast!

We welcomed our new nephew/cousin, Deacon, into the world.

Greer wasn't so sure ;)


We loved watching Harrison's skills at parent observation day for swim lessons.

Sophie is too funny & is totally "with it" when it comes to girlyness!

I worked with a team on class reunion planning!

The kids have table time every day that we are home and have that option. I love finding simple things, that they enjoy,(educational too) for them to do when they get antsy or I need to do dishes or prep a meal!!

Someone will be getting a special delivery next week!

Greer used to arch his back and act as if it was uncomfortable for us to hold him close enough to rock him to sleep. He's been converted...

And ...we are working with a new strategy to make meal times less of a chore. I'll keep ya posted as we are still working it out.

My big camera seems to have gotten "sick" at the beach! I'll have to send it off to Canon. For now, it's all up to the IPhone!

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