Monday, August 13, 2012

On Being Present

A friend and I agree that being patient with our kids directly relates to how present we are with them.

Tonight, Brandon had a late meeting in another town. I made dinner, we ran a super quick errand where the person working couldn't believe I brought all 3 kids with me to run said errand(I told her my hubby was working so Mama has to do what Mamas gotta do- they were great by the way), then I didn't focus on anything else but the kidlets. The weather was great so we stayed outside a little passed dark.

We made really fancy sidewalk chalk roads for everyone to enjoy with their individual sets of wheels.

Curious to know what Greer is up to? Check out this awesomeness!

(Does the video show for you?)

All 3 kids had their first Ice Cream truck experience...

We traced our names. 2 weeks ago Sophie couldn't come close to doing this. The fact that Harrison is awesome at tracing his letters motivated her to catch up quickly!!

We came in and I bathed everyone and we read a favorite, Oh The Places You'll go.

While I blow-dried my hair, I gave Harrison a job he didn't take lightly.... because he was still doing this when I finished...

I was cleaning up the kitchen and setting out clothes for tomorrow super late, but it was so worth it ;)

If it's patience you're looking for, put everything else aside and play WITH your kids. Works for me every time!!


Ashley said...

Love this post so much!!!!

mary leigh said...

So very true!!