Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Plethora...

This post contains lots of random pictures from my phone! I am sending the Canon in for surgery so I won't have the big camera pics for a while yet!

I put the pictures below side by side. The one on the left is from one of his first PT sessions with Mrs.Amber in February. The one on the right is him unassisted a few weeks ago. Remarkable difference! And that would be his"I'm for seriously proud of myself" serious face!!

Last week, I spent 40+ hours working the consignment sale we shop at twice a year. In doing so, I earned a credit towards my purchases and the ability to shop first! Most of the things I bought were $15 and under(many way under!) but I did splurge on this new with tags Matilda Jane dress for Soph!! I don't regret it!! The $5 cash register has been a huge hit as well!

The twins being silly with me Sunday!!

Harrison had some dental work done. He was AWESOME there. He took his "sleepy juice" like a champ, charmed all the staff, and slept,with the help of the mask, the entire time! Thank you Jesus because the work he had done was something (at least from this anxious mamas perspective) I held his hand and prayed the entire time that he wouldn't wake up. They say some kids do. Thankful I caught a break!! This is the sweetness as he was coming out of the fog.

Once we got in the car though, he went cuh-razy! I'm pretty sure this is how he comes of anesthesia. He did something similar for a procedure a while back. It took him 3 hours to stop acting like a caged animal. Good times in the motherhood!

Sissy and Bubs relaxed with him as he recovered!!

I needed slippers for Sophie's Halloween costume and it was cheaper to buy this whole get up at the consignment sale! Too bad the size 6-9 slippers were to small for her 6.5 sized foot :(

Since we are done with soccer and then swim lessons, we are putting Sophie and Harrison in gymnastics for the Fall. One thing at a time! Is this outfit Gymnastics material or is it too fancy?! Not sure!!

Harrison loves me. a lot. Always has. And at this time, with me, is THE coolest place to be. I'm enjoying it while I can!!

Sophie was the last to come around to the no horse play at the table 30 minute food timer deal! Once she finally did it, it clicked and she now eats her food before the timer goes off and gets her treat!! It's made a huge difference at meal times. They have been a huge stressor 75% of the time since going from 1 to 3! The other 2 aren't exempt from
contributing to the craziness. I just had to share this. It was the 2nd time in a row she did it and she was soooo proud! They got the hang of beating the timer a week earlier. Problem solved!

Tonight, the boys stayed home from church and Sophie went with me. Afterwards, we got dinner. Sophie loooooved the new 100 flavor drink machine at Moes. I let her push the buttons and choose her flavor(orange Sprite)

She was on her 2nd cup here. In between sips she had so much to say. It went something like this , "This fun mommy. Mommy this fun. Tomorrow geer's school. I ride my bike. Hair-sah cry all da day (going crazy from anesthesia). This fun mommy. Mommy this fun. I go potty mommy. I not fall down Mommy. I want chip. You like dat mommy?" Girlfriend has quite the vocabulary and she knew just what to do on a date with Mommy.... Eat and talk!!

We have also been working on our names, ABC's, colors, numbers and shapes!!

Harrison said, "look mommy I stretching"

I found this gem of a picture below. It's adorable and it makes me a little sad!! I can't imagine how incredibly fun they were at this age!! Sophie is such the character now, Id love to have a peak of what she was like then!! Greer is so lovable, I know he was then too!!

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Ashley Alford said...

Love all those sweet babies! Sophie is smart as a whip! Glad ya'll got to have that time together last night after church. I'm positive that's good for her. She'll cherish those times with her mommy one day! Love you sister!