Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Love the Beach!!!

I know the title is original right?! It's just so true!!! It has been an absolute blast!! We have 2 full days left and will certainly continue to enjoy every second to it's fullest!!

Greer dropped his, picked it up, figured out it was the wrong end and flipped it again only to find it had sand all over the tip!! Bless it! I fed him a whole one for all that hard work.

Rest time...

We enjoyed LuLu's Tuesday...

They sang Happy Birthday a few times while we were there. Our kids love that song ;)

Then, we went to the Pier.

We saw dophins... Hard to see them but for 15 minutes we watched them swim and jump...

Back to the beach today...

We discovered seashells today.

Greed's job was to put them in the bucket.

We have enjoyed having close friends 2 condos down! We have met up a few times and the kids have played.

Harrison has begged and begged for Daddy to build "tastles"

Greer can hardly keep his eyes open in the bright light!p but doesn't like sunglasses.

Sophie and Harrison are never far from one another!!

Harrison loves catching waves with Daddy!

I have been impressed with how well the kids have been able to hold their own walking to and from the beach!! They really haven't had a choice but no whining has occurred and I'm thankful!

The weather has been great! I'm not a fan of sweating on the beach and thankfully haven't had to. Our kids are maniacs in the pool... Baby pool or kiddie pool, they don't discriminate!

And to keep it real, There have been the typical non-smooth moments...We've had our moments of $$$ being tight due to our car issues from TN-FL and
expenses incurred with that and the hotel stay, but we are making the best of it. There have been accidents in the pool (overflowing out of the swim diaper...and I'm not talking tinkle...seriously?!) As a matter of fact, this particular child has done that within their swim diaper EVERY time we swim(twice a day at least)...then, there is having to put one to bed early because of a melt down and even our debit card getting demagnetized not allowing us to use an ATM! BUT!!!! those things are nothing compared to the sheer joy and fun that is being had by all!!! It hasn't been exhausting for us or even hard!! People are so funny not knowing " how we can do the beach with kids this young." We just do it and it has been a week our family will treasure!! Our kids want to swim and play in the sand or play in the sand then swim ...either order is fine with them. It's the good life this beach life ;) We watch, play, and swim with them and are so grateful to be spending this time together. We will be back next year...decided that the 1st day we were here!

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Christy said...

Glad you all are having a great time!! Looks like a blast! Love your kiddos!