Monday, July 9, 2012

More Florida Fun!

We spent lots of time in the water!! It was so hot that it was that or in the house.

Our kids are HUGE fans of the water.

Cousin Beau is still getting used to the water at his young age ;)

Harrison and Sophie are sure to show Greer how it's done.

The cousins did this group running leap into the pool at least 20 times!! They had a blast together!

And Sophie girl was right behind them!

We also had access to a big pool and spent a few hours of two of our days there. Good times!!

We decided not to drive to see a big fireworks show because of the heat,the kids, and the time. We all pitched in a little $$ and bought a little bit of fireworks to enjoy at my Aunts house. Greer is a lover of all things fast, rough, and loud! He was just tickled at the fireworks.

I saw this idea to put a sparkler through the end of a plastic cup and hold it inside the cup. It seemed like a great idea until I felt like it wasn't as we were using them. Ha!

We went back to the old fashioned way!!

But don't light them with a regular lighter ;)

Sophie isn't pictured with Sparklers because she wasn't really a fan of holding them. She certainly loved watching everyone else though.

Harrison was so proud. He said over and over, "Mama, I do'd it myself!"

We had a great time with our conservative little firework show. Papa shot them off for our viewing pleasure. Once we got back to my Granny's where we were staying, we saw the HUGE televised fireworks show. Harrison loved that too and said..."Hey! Look Mama,Papa do that!" :)

We were sure to get pictures of the great grandparents with all their great grands :)

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