Monday, July 9, 2012

Lake Day!! A 1st for the twins!!

We headed to the lake with Brandon's parents on Father's Day. While I've already posted about Father's Day, I didn't include all the lake pics. We headed to meet up right after church on Father's Day. We pretty much hopped right in the boat after changing.

Sophie was a little unsure at first but certainly warmed up to the idea. She just stayed close to Mama.

Greer didn't like the life jacket all shrugged up around his face so he preferred laying down.

I love riding in the boat on the lake. It is so relaxing!!

This marina has a pergola/ picnic area and we claimed it for our Fathers Day meal and festivities.

I love how Sophie is totally in LOVE with her Daddy after their rocky start!!

Greer was tuckered out by late afternoon and fell asleep on G-Daddy.

He took a good hour nap in the chair.

Harrison and Sophie enjoyed throwing rocks in the water with Uncle Mario.

The lake was awesome and we will certainly be enjoying more of it this summer!!

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