Saturday, July 14, 2012

Almost Home

Everybody slept until 9:30am Friday morning. We made our way out to the beach for the last ocean swim, play, and dig of the week.

Sophie actually asked to go back in the water(ocean) for the first time all week.

I taught Sophie and Harrison to flip on their backs, hold my hands, and swim backwards with me the length of the pool. They think it's so cool. I do too ;)

Grammy made this dress for Sophie so I had to take a picture to send her.

After dinner, we went back down to the beach to say our final farewells.

The pool too.

Sophie, Harrison, and I stayed out until almost 10 playing with this $1 pkg of Dollar Tree glow sticks.

They threw them in the big pool and said "mommy go under" so I would dive down and get them a bunch of times before I got smart and turned the tables on them. I took them to the kid pool to do the diving and fetching.

They had a blast!!

Then it was back inside to put them to bed and pack up. I cleaned out some of Sophie's pockets to find some treasures.

We had ice cream on the balcony before bed.

Then we woke up this morning to a raging ocean and storms rolling in. It was as if the Gulf is gonna miss this party of 5!! We sure will miss it! But as we were leaving we said, "Cya next year!"

We are 30 minutes away from home and ready to settle in and gear up for getting back into the daily grind on Monday. So thankful for this time!!

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