Monday, July 30, 2012

A Letter to Sophie

To Our Sweet Girl,

As I watched you pretend to apply makeup out of your pretend compact (the palm of your hand), looking at yourself in the mirror of Greer's toy you were adamant he share with you today, I couldn't help but stop and watch in awe & wonder. I.HAVE.A.DAUGHTER. I should be used to the idea by now but it still brings a grin to my face as I continue to let that truth sink in.

You are all things spunky, silly, happy, smart, stubborn, girly, loving, tender, nurturing, and F.U.N.

Watching you today was a gentle reminder that, I as your mom, have a huge responsibility to you as you learn, grow, and become a lady.

I am still trying to distinguish all that this entails for me. I am still learning and growing in my role as a mother of a daughter. I want so badly to be all that you need and deserve me to be as your mommy. I know it is so different from what your brothers need me to be.

You mimic almost every move that I make. Whether it be applying your "makeup," the way I worship to music in the car, or the way I put my finger over my mouth to shush you guys when things get crazy. Actually, you shushed daddy and I on the way home from church today and I couldn't help but crack up!!

You have challenged me and inspired me so much these last several months. I am your #1 example of wife, mom, daughter, friend, neighbor, and daughter of the King. These are big shoes to fill.

Your love for Greer is immeasurable. I am so thankful for this. You have taught Harrison to do the same.

Speaking of Harrison, you are his little shadow. Most of the time(ok all of the time) you two act like the twins. You are not to be outdone by him ;)

Potty training, talking, riding the bicycle with training wheels, completely buckling your 5 point harness car seat,.... You name it, if Harrison is doing, eating it, playing with it, wanting it etc....SO.ARE.YOU!!! Take today for instance... You were Both clothed and then you weren't!

It's equal parts hilarious and exhausting for everyone!! :)

Sometimes, you help me keep him in line and others he is helping me keep you in line.

This is you continually checking in on him at swim lessons. "let's go Mommy. See Harrison swimming." You are the first one to the pool when it's done to help him get his shoes and to hand him his towel.

Oh and if it weren't for the age limit, you'd be right in the middle of it too.

Oh and how about that Daddy?! You and he returns the favor!!

You have certainly rocked our world in beautiful ways sweet girl! My prayer as that we continue to point you to the one who will always bless yours.

With all the love that I can muster, Mommy


Liz said...

Oh girl! I loveeeee seeing this! She sure has come a long way since the first few days, hasn't she?!

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Beautifully said. We are so blessed to be mommies to our little girls and boys.