Sunday, June 17, 2012

Super Dads!!

We had a great weekend celebrating all the Dads in our lives!! Saturday morning it was my dads turn. I knew my Dad was the BEST dad and now he blows the Papa gig outta the water!!

And then this afternoon, we celebrated Brandon's Dad. He is always there for us and the one Brandon can call for just about anything to get guidance or help on!!

And sprinkled all throughout the weekend, we celebrated Brandon. He is more than I could have prayed for or imagined in a father and husband!!

Our kids adore him and that just strengthens my love and admiration for him!
Friday, we crashed his desk and breakroom!

A shooting range gift card and targets were a fun way to celebrate him too...

More from my crashing his desk at work Friday...

I love a good celebration... And there is nothing better than celebrating the one who makes this crazy beautiful life we live possible!

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