Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random lately!!

Occasionally, it's fun to dig around in the jammie stack and match everybody!

I took this picture of the twins on April 28th. It was the year anniversary of being chosen by our agency, Holt, as the twins parents. Sweet blessings!!

I have hoarded our Easter candy stash and bribed these two with the best of it to go potty. Specifically, #2. On this day, Sophie went and Harrison was not letting her get a candy bracelet without him.

So, he did too. We are still just dabbling in potty training and waiting for a row of open days for hard core no turning back potty training. It will be summer. and even though our vacation is mid-July( thankfully Brandon is taking time off and we are going somewhere just still working out the details of where...we are shooting for the beach). we may wait until after then just because we have so much in between... But hey, maybe not.

Harrison loves to love on Greer in the mornings. While I was drying my hair this morning, he crawled into Greer's toddler bed with him!! Sweet boys.

Daddy is a big helper Mondays and Wednesday mornings with getting the kids and I out of the house. He is pretty awesome like that. His main job is feeding Greer but he normally picks up a few odd jobs too... Like brushing teeth.

This is my new system for shoes.

The kids love it since it seems like a game. I send them with shoes and they put them in the right basket. I've had this Ikea shelf with baskets for a while but, on a naptime whim, I put the kids photos on them.

This is the trio ready to go to Harrison and Sophie's end of the year preschool program!!

And another...

It was a sweet little program where our kids were kind enough not to steal anyone else's spotlight! ;)

Harrison and Sophie continue to make baby steps towards liking each other more than just a little :)

Our social worker had to reschedule our visit during daddy's lunch and the kids took full advantage of that...

Oh, and the kids got these place setting placemats for Christmas and we have been practicing...

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

I loooove this face Harrison makes all the time!

And I just love this face too!!

Harrison always makes his way into our bed early in the morning.

And who knew? Harrison can totally ride more than a tricycle. We were at the park with friends when he took off on one. Daddy was working so we made the video for him. Normally, Harrison would wear a helmet. Daddy says a bike is in his future.

YouTube Video

That about sums up a month worth of IPhone photos that don't have a post of their own. I love Instagram and my iPhone camera. They are what I am turning to for most pictures and blogging these days! I just want to catch as much as I can and my big camera is like having a 4th kid in tow and I'm good with these 3 for now!! and my iPhone is always quick on the draw!!


Maydelin said...

I love Greer Smile

Alison said...

LOVE the pics! They are all so precious!!!